What is a Micro-Credential?
A short, competency-based recognition that allows a learner to demonstrate mastery in a particular area
Micro-Credentials are NOT...
Tied to "seat time"
Only available at set times
What Can I Do With Them?

Build a Stack
Add similar micro-credentials together or draw from different areas of interest to personalize your learning
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Earn a Credential
The end result of a micro-credential journey can take the form of a certificate, digital badge or license renewal credit
What are the Benefits?
Personalize learning
Longer completion window
Flexible learning options
Micro-Credentials Are Self-Paced

  • Asynchronous learning
  • Implementation of new skills & strategies
  • Evidence of learning is required throughout
  • Up to 12 months to achieve mastery
  • Registration is ongoing
There are currently
for a total of
micro-credential hours.

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